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How To Obtain A Clue ScrollEdit

New Treasure Trails will give you a single item reward, listed bellow, and a cash pile of 1-120k. You start these trails by killing, at least, a level 90 monster, and finding a clue scroll. It might take a while to get a clue scroll as a drop, but it is well worth it.

Original guide can be viewed here. Thank you Alphabet.

Locations Of Clue Scrolls

"Dig where the fishermen sit and rest." Location: (Next to the bench at the fishing guild)

"Dig next to the Wizard's sparkling pool." Location: (Next to the sparkling pool in the Mage Bank)

"Dig in the Chaos Altar Temple." Location: (Chaos Temple in the wilderness) - 37 wild  touching the wilderness "west" wall - quickiest ways, obelisk to "44" run south or drags teleport run north.

"Dance at the picnic benchof premium castle. Equip a leather body,  Mithril plate skirt and a maple longbow." Location: (Picnic Benches south of premium castle)

"Dig where the dark knights enter their castle." Location: (Front door of Dark Castle Level 15 Wilderness)

"Headbang next to the miners spade." Location: (The standing spade at mines) (Rimmington Mine)

"Use your capes powers next to where you dump your weeds." Location: (Use a Skillcape emote next to the Farm patch at herbs) !PREMIUM ONLY!

"Jig on the premium isle. Equip Dragon Boots, Rune Platebody and a Iron Scimitar." Location: (Premium Isle)

"Chicken dance at crawling hands. Equip a Rune full helmet, Amulet of strength and a pair of leather gloves." Location: (Slayer Tower; ::Slay)

"Dig where your bank you Onyx." Location: (Bank chest of tzhaar)

"Rasp'Berry where the Abyssal Demons head falls. Equip Rune platelegs, Rune Boots anda Rune Scimitar. Location: (Abyssal Demons in slayer tower next to the rock pile)

"Rasp'Berry At The Jellies. "Equip Rune platelegs,Rune Boots and a Rune Scimitar." Location: (Raspberry at the jellies (::slay) on top of the heap of bricks.

"Dig the entrance of the Icy Gate.Beware!" Location: (Ice Path Gate in wilderness level 49 Right by GWD)

"Panic at the centre of four coffins, Beware!" Location: (The Forgotten cemetery at level 31 Wilderness)

"Bunny hop before decending the stairs to the waterbirth lair. Equip a ghostly robe bottom, Rune dagger and a black cavalier." Location: (Waterbirth Island cave entrance top of stairs)

"Dig where the black dragons make their kills." Location: (kbd lair)

"Dig at the Red Dragons mine." Location: (Next to the mithril rock on crash island.)

"Dance on Premium Isle. Equip an Iron longsword, Leather Body and Leather Chaps." Location: (Premium Isle Tele)

"Dig where the heat","will turn you to a bar" Location: (Fally Furnace.)

"Through the door to where all the wild monsters roam. I want you to dig a hole." Location: (Slayer Tele.)

Locations of some maps!

This one is near falador statue, teleport to woods its just north of there

Level 50 wilderness, directly to the West of the larger volcano, to the South-east of the Agility Course, best way is running from mage bank

Behind the Anvil House in Yanille, easiest way to get there is, click on the prem teleport, and run from there

Ss (2013-07-17 at 10.14.17)

At the top of the peninsula west of the crafting guild.

(Thank-you to t n t and Damaged for sucking!)

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